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YUKKA Lab AG detects market sentiments and transforms them into innovative tools for the finance and communications industry. YUKKA Lab‘s software reads and understands financial news within seconds and provides asset managers and financial advisors with an information advantage at a considerably smaller expenditure of time. Our text analysis technology allows users to reliably anticipate market moods, opinions and trends and adjust strategies accordingly. YUKKA Lab is a unique FinTech with exciting use cases specifically for the finance sector, but also beyond this field.

APIAX offers the most advanced tools to master complex financial regulations digitally.

At Apiax, we combine exceptional legal and compliance expertise with outstanding technological capabilities. Together, we build a lean yet comprehensive RegTech solution to transform complex regulations into digital regulatory rules and to manage the full lifecycle of digital regulations.

EXEON builds big data security solutions to support our customers at analyzing their network traffic. Exeon Analytics bridges the gap between research and practice. The core team behind Exeon Analytics has its roots at the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC) of ETH Zurich, a center of excellence. We have years of experience with handling and aggregating large amounts of network records, applying machine learning in a scalable way and identifying anomalies in millions of data points. This knowledge is bundled and made easily accessible to our customers in our ExeonTrace analytics solutions.

VESTR offers clients the advantages of mutual funds, for lower costs, faster time-to-market and fewer legal or regulatory requirements. vestr facilitates the creation and life-cycle management of Actively Managed Certificates, a fast and cost-effective way of replacing investment funds

Futurae has the goal to make the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies. Futurae offers companies an authentication suite with AI-based authentication and regulatory-compliant products (e.g. PSD2). These products provide increased productivity and improved user experience for both employees and customers. Futurae was created in 2016 from the Systems Security Group of ETH Zurich.

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Why should you apply to DIventures

Fast: As a startup, time isn’t on your side. We act fast: from our first meeting, to getting a term sheet to helping you grow your business.

Flexible: It’s about relationships, not control. At DIventures, no investment terms are sacred and we have no minimum ownership requirement. Our term sheets are 2-pages in plain English.

Founder-Focused: From the start, we align with founders and their vision knowing we’re lucky to be there.

Co-Invest with us

We work with co-investors to bring additional capital into deals. This capital comes funds, family offices, and corporate ventures that look to Chrystal to originate investment opportunities based on our understanding of their investment criteria.

They have looked to make more direct investments and have reduced assets allocated to funds. We work with a select number of institutional investors in this manner; enabling them access to additional capital and to create secondary markets for their portfolio companies.

Corporates a fundamental partner

Our mission is to catalyze technological advancement and bring together the corporations with the startups to shaping their industries.

By joining our network, we help corporates connect to the startups that can directly impact their business and technology goals.

We empower specific business units from our Corporate Partners by pin-pointing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions.

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